Tuesday, June 22, 2021


Sustainability Policy


The Event Consultant strives to be an industry leader in sustainable event management consulting; providing a comprehensive and meaningful service to customers and clients who share an interest in sustainable events, activities and projects. As a responsible business, we aim to maximize the social, environmental and economic benefits and minimise the potential impacts our products and services on the planet and to the communities within which we operate.

We are committed to working towards a position of sustainability leadership and education in the areas of events, community engagement, health & wellbeing and lifestyle design. Sustainability is an integral foundation underpinning our core mission and values.

We regularly review best practice sustainability options for all aspects of events and projects and we aim to bring creativity together with innovation to continually work towards a practical solutions for our business and our clients.

We are taking practical steps to continually improve our sustainability performance:

Governance: considering the long-term sustainability implications of our business operations.

Leadership: behaving with integrity, honesty and transparency in all our business activities.

People: developing a healthy workplace culture that nurtures the people within it.

Community: supporting community through education and inspirational events and activities that engage, educate and connect communities.

Customers: providing a superior and sustainable product and service offering.

Procurement: reducing consumption and lifecycle impact; and partnering with our key suppliers and market partners to share ideas, collaborate on finding solutions and enhance sustainability performance across our entire supply chain.

Communication: sharing our sustainability targets, achievements and inspirational ideas with our clients and stakeholders.

Legacy: working towards an ongoing legacy program that gives back to the environment and community.

Soil: honouring the earth as the provider of all life by educating and promoting best practice, ‘cradle-to-cradle’ thinking in all business operations and activity programs via the consultancy.

Soul: promoting the understanding that sustainability also has an individual story for each person on the basis of what is right for that person, without judgement.

At The Event Consultant, it is everyone’s responsibility to achieve our sustainability targets. The Director sets our vision and policy, all business partners and contractors are engaged based on their alignment with our vision, mission and values. Our performance will be benchmarked against baseline data and reviewed annually. This policy will be reviewed at least every two years and updated as required.

I commit this business to the implementation of this policy and task all team members and business stakeholders with contributing to this goal.

Tina Demetriou

Director - 2013


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