Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Event Consulting – Sustainability Strategy

If you organise your own event or activity and are ready to take production planning to another level by incorporating high level sustainability principles and actions, then this package is for you.

We’ll work with your team to establish all areas of adaptation and/or improvement, providing opportunities for you to cut costs, improve performance and efficiency, develop strong good-will branding opportunities with customers and stakeholders and reduce your impact on the environment.

Option includes: sustainability review, sustainability policy, sustainability action plan, support resources and a summary of sustainability communications strategy.

What is a sustainability strategy?

A sustainability strategy will outline the practical applications necessary to action your sustainability policy and designs its integration into all production areas of your event or activity.

A sustainability policy considers ‘economic’, ‘environmental’ and ‘social’ sustainability of your event or activity. It provides a clear statement of values and actions you plan to take to improve performance and outcomes across these three areas.

Examples of what can be included: ‘your’ sustainability message (vision, values, policy), program planning, venue selection, resource management, stakeholder engagement & communicating the message, purchasing, transport, water, energy, collateral design and development, building a legacy, monitoring, measuring and evaluating sustainability performance and offsetting (if desired).

Why have a sustainability policy?

o You love what you do, and you care about others (Social Sustainability)
o You care about the environment (Environmental Sustainability)
o You want to keep doing what you do (Economic Sustainability)


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