Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Event Consulting – Comprehensive

Integrated Event Strategy
Sustainability Strategy
Program Design & Development
Production Planning
Operations Planning
Stakeholder Engagement
Safety & WHS
Marketing, Media & communications Strategy
Website development

Integrated Event strategy

A successful event will always being with the ‘why’.

Integrate your core values, objectives, vision and any key strategic requirements into your event design and programming. Clear objectives allow effective evaluation and reporting with meaningful measures of the success and viability of your event.

Sustainability Strategy

A sustainability policy considers ‘economic’, ‘environmental’ and ‘social’ aspects of your event. It provides a clear statement of values and actions you plan to take to improve performance and outcomes across these three areas.

Why have a sustainability policy?

  • You love what you do, and you care about others (Social Sustainability)
  • You care about the environment (Environmental Sustainability)
  • You want to keep doing what you do (Economic Sustainability)

Program Design & Development

The Event Consultant will help design & develop a quality program that honours your event strategy ensuring desired outcomes are met. Creativity and innovation will guide this process to ensure you can engage your audience in a meaningful way.

Production Planning

This is how your event is engineered!

This incorporates all the elements to delivery your event program, such as booking venues, suppliers, transport, ticketing to name a few.

Operations Planning

The ‘nuts & bolts’!

This is all the elements that lock the engineering of your event together, such as licensing, waste management, water, power, traffic, crowd control & accessibility to name a few.

Stakeholder engagement

Who’s who in the zoo!

Who is your audience, who are your key players – sponsors, partners, managers and so forth. Building a strong network with stakeholders will ensure clear, effective communication relating to all event elements.

Safety & WHS

A sturdy risk assessment is usually essential for any organisation to meet legal, social and environmental responsibilities. A carefully considered risk assessment will help your organisation identify known possible challenges and allow you to plan to avoid or minimise those issues.

Marketing, Media & Communications Strategy

A comprehensive communications strategy will include the method of communication with both internal and external stakeholders; as well as a detailed marketing and media plan.

Website Development

Simple, fast, effective website development options are available for events via our web developer partner.

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