Thursday, July 09, 2020

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Your event - planned like a pro with the expertise of a leading sustainable event consultant.

‘The Event Consultant’ provides professional event consulting services to individuals, businesses, organisations and government agencies that need to plan and organise an event or activity that requires engaging any audience - whether it be customers, colleagues or community.

We provide:

  • Event consulting
  • Customised event or activity design & development
  • Sustainable Living Products & Programs
  • Event production, arranged on request

Our consultancy will develop all your key plans and strategies for your team to action efficiently. If needed, we can provide event management services to delivery your event.

With extensive background in sustainability, The Event Consultant can help give your event or project the critical edge that will impress your clients and audience, positioning you as thoughtful, environmentally conscious and aware.

Organise Your Event Like a Pro
Streamline Processes
Improve Efficiency
Achieve Meaningful Outcomes
Gain a Critical Edge with Enhanced Sustainability Credentials


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